JLPT N5 Grammar (no naka de [A] ga ichiban)


out of this group, [A] is best

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Noun + の中で + [A]が一番~
no naka de A ga ichiban の中でAが一番 jlpt n5 grammar meaning 文法例文 japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: 【のなかで[A]がいちばん】 (no naka de [A] ga ichiban). Meaning: out of this group, [A] is best.

no naka de A ga ichiban の中でAが一番 jlpt n5 grammar meaning 文法例文 learn japanese flashcards

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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

kazoku no naka de chichi ga ichiban se ga takai desu.
In my family, my father is the tallest.
Example #2

chiimu no naka de yamada ga ichiban tsuyoi!
On our team, Yamada is the strongest!
Example #3

nihon no tabemono no naka de raamen ga ichiban suki da.
Out of all the Japanese food, ramen is my favorite.
Example #4

kurasu no naka de jeshika ga ichiban atama ii.
In our class, Jessica is the smartest.
Example #5

sekai no naka de nihon ga ichiban anzen na kuni desu.
Japan is the safest country in the world.
Example #6

kanojo wa kurasu no naka de ji ga ichiban kirei da.
She has the most beautiful handwriting in our class.
Example #7

tomodachi no naka de wa, kurisu ga ichiban senpai.
Chris is the oldest (most senior) one out of my friends.
Example #8

yonda hon no naka de harii pottaa ga ichiban suki.
Out of all the books I've read, Harry Potter is my favorite.

Vocabulary List

家族かぞくfamily; members of a family
なかinside; in; within; center
背が高いせがたかいtall height
好きすきto like
友達ともだちfriend; friends

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