JLPT N2 Grammar (ni suginai)


no more than; just; merely; only ~

How to use

Verb (casual)に過ぎない
Noun + (である)
な-adjective + (である)
ni suginai に過ぎない にすぎない jlpt n2 grammar meaning 文法 例文 japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: 【にすぎない】(ni suginai). Meaning: no more than; just; merely; only ~.

This is used to emphasize that something is of a lower quality / quantity / level.

ni suginai に過ぎない にすぎない jlpt n2 grammar meaning 文法 例文 learn japanese flashcards

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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

tannni kouun datta ni suginai.
That was just pure luck.
Example #2

kore wa mada hajimari ni suginai.
This is only the beginning.
Example #3

sonna no wa iiwake ni suginai.
That's just an excuse.
Example #4

sore wa tada no dougu ni suginai. sono dougu o tsukau ka ga taisetsu da.
That is merely a tool. What is important is how you use it.
Example #5

byouki de byouin e itta to ittemo, tada no kaze ni suginai.
Although i said that i went to the hospital because i was sick, it was just a normal cold.
Example #6

watashi wa kono kaisha no isshain ni sugimasen kara, ketteiken wa arimasen.
I am nothing more than an employee of this customer and have no decision making power.
Example #7

ikura hataraitemo ikkagetsu no shuunyuu wa nijuu man en ni suginai.
No matter how hard i work, I can't earn more than 200,000 yen a month.
Example #8

gakusei ni suginai no de, watashi wa kekkon suru yoyuu ga nai.
Being only a student, I can't afford to get married.

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