JLPT N5 Grammar (ni suru)

How to use

ni suru にする jlpt n5 grammar meaning 文法例文 japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: (ni suru) / (ni shimasu). Meaning: to decide on.

Different ways to use:

  • にする (ni suru) casual
    • see examples 1~4
  • にします (ni shimasu) more polite
    • see examples 5~9

To use with a verb, add ことにする. See lesson .

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- Example Sentences

Each example sentence includes a Japanese hint, the romaji reading, and the English translation.

Click the below red button to toggle off and and on all of the hints, and you can click on the buttons individually to show only the ones you want to see.

Example #1

dore ni suru?
Which will you have? / Which do you want?
Example #2

nomimono wa nani ni suru?
What will you have to drink?
Example #3

ocha ni suru.
I'll have tea.
Example #4

watashi wa ashita to raishuu no kayoubi o yasumi ni suru.
I'm taking work off tomorrow and next Tuesday.
Example #5

kore ni shimasu.
I want this / I've decided on this
Example #6

kyou wa heya o kirei ni shimasu.
I will clean my room today.
Example #7

kimi o shiawase ni shimasu.
I'll make you happy.
Example #8

koucha ni shimasu ka sore tomo koohii ni shimasu ka.
Do you want black tea or coffee?
Example #9

kotoshi wa subarashii toshi ni shimasu.
I'm gonna make this year a great one!

Vocabulary List

飲み物のみものdrink; drinks
何にするなににするwhat will you have
来週らいしゅうnext week
休みやすみvacation; day off
紅茶こうちゃblack tea
今年ことしthis year

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