JLPT N2 Grammar (to iu koto wa)


that is to say; so that means; in other words ~

How to use

Clause 1ということはclause 2
to iu koto wa ということは jlpt n2 grammar meaning 文法 例文 japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: と言うことは 【】 (to iu koto wa). Meaning: that is to say; so that means; in other words ~.

to iu koto wa ということは jlpt n2 grammar meaning 文法 例文 learn japanese flashcards

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Example #1

anata ga kaisha o yameru to iu koto wa hontou desu ka?
Is it true that you are quitting the company?
Example #2

kare, mada kimasen ne. toiu koto wa kyou wa kesseki desu ne.
He still hasn't come, so he will be marked as absent for today.
Example #3

30% waribiki toiu koto wa, 2 manen nara 6 senen yasuku narun desu ne.
A 30% discount, in other words 20,000 yen will become 6,000 yen cheaper.
Example #4

ano ie o utta toiu koto wa, osoraku jigyou ni shippai shita no darou.
Since they are selling that house, I wonder if their business failed?
Example #5

ichinichi 8 jikan getsuyoubi kara doyoubi made hataraku toiu koto wa, isshuukan de 48 jikan no roudou da.
Working 8 hours everyday from Monday to Saturday means 48 hours of work in one week.
Example #6

jitensha ga nidai shika nai toiu koto wa, oretachi wa dare ka ga arukana kereba naranai toiu koto da.
We only have two bicycles, so that means one of us has to walk.
Example #7

kanojo wa mou osake o nomeru toiu koto wa, hatachi o sugiterun da ne.
Since she is able to drink, that means she is over 20 years old.
Example #8

kaigai e iku baai wa chuui sugiru to iu koto wa nai.
You can't be too careful when you go abroad.

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