JLPT N1 Grammar (te sumu koto dewa nai)


~ is not enough to solve the problem; cannot be resolved by ~

How to use

Verb (て form)済むことではない
Noun + で
te sumu koto dewa nai て済むことではない てすむことではない jlpt n1 grammar meaning 文法 例文 learn japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: 【てすむことではない】(te sumu koto dewa nai) / 【てすむもんだいではない】(te sumu mondai dewa nai). Meaning: ~ is not enough to solve the problem; cannot be resolved by ~.

This is mainly used for criticism, judgement, or blame.

This is similar to , but has even stronger of an emphasis.

te sumu koto dewa nai て済むことではない てすむことではない jlpt n1 grammar meaning 文法 例文 japanese flashcards

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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

hito no kamera o kowashite, benshou de sumu koto dewa nai yo. kimi wa chanto ayamaranai to.
After breaking someone's camera, you can't just resolve it by paying compensation. You also have to properly apologize.
Example #2

sore wa shazai to baishou dake de sumu mondai dewa nai to omou.
I don't think that can be resolved with just an apology and compensation.
Example #3

daijina shorui o nakushite shimau nante, ayamatte sumu koto dewa nai.
After losing important documents, apologizing isn't going to resolve anything.
Example #4

kono mondai wa hoshoukin de sumu koto dewa nai. kokoro kara no shazai ga hitsuyou da.
This problem cannot be solved with just compensation. It is necessary to sincerely apologize from the heart.
Example #5

sono jiken wa hitori ga sekinin o totte yamete sumu koto dewa nai.
This case cannot be resolved simply by one person accepting responsibility and quitting their job.
Example #6

higaisha ni okane o kaeshite sumu koto dewa nai. kare no yatta koto wa taiho sareru to omou.
Just returning the money to the victim will not resolve this case. I think they will be arrested for what they did.

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