JLPT N3 Grammar (teiru baai janai)


this is no time to be doing ~

How to use

Verb (て form) + いる場合じゃない
teiru baai janai ている場合じゃない ているばあいじゃない jlpt n3 grammar meaning 文法 例文 japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: 【ているばあいじゃない】(teiru baai janai) / 【ているばあいではない】(teiru baai dewa nai). Meaning: this is no time to be doing ~.

This expresses that the listener should stop what they are doing right away and do something else instead.

teiru baai janai ている場合じゃない ているばあいじゃない jlpt n3 grammar meaning 文法 例文 learn japanese flashcards

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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

ima wa waratteiru baai dewa nai.
This is not an occasion for laughter.
Example #2

ima wa kanashindeiru baai dewa nai.
This is no time to be sad.
Example #3

joudan o itteiru baai janai!
This is no time to be saying jokes!
Example #4

shikkari shite! naitteiru baai dewa nai.
Hold yourself together! This is not a time to be crying.
Example #5

ima, yukkuri yasundeiru baai janai zo. yaru koto ga takusan aru nda.
Now is not the time to be relaxing! There are a ton of things that need to get done.
Example #6

ima wa keitai o sawatte iru baai janai. hayaku shukudai o yari nasai.
This is no time to be touching your smartphone. Hurry up and do your homework.
Example #7

mou sugu daigaku no shiken deshou. ima wa asondeiru baai janai yo.
You have your university exam coming up soon, right? This is no time for you to be playing around.
Example #8

iku ka dou ka mayotteiru baai janai yo. sonna koto shite tara, sugu ni chiketto wa urikire chau yo.
This is no time to be worrying about going or not. If we take too long, the tickets are gonna sell out!

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