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Verb ます (stem form)つつ (も)

Learn Japanese grammar: (tsutsu). Meaning: while; although.

JLPT grammar つつ (tsutsu)  - Learn Japanese

- Example Sentences

Each example sentence includes a Japanese hint, the romaji reading, and the English translation.

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Example #1

kare wa tokodoki kuruma wo unten shi tsutsu, denwa wo suru.
He sometimes talks on the phone while driving.
Example #2

Kare wa isogashii to ii tsutsu, nagadenwa wo shite iru.
Although he says he is busy, he has been talking on the phone for a long time.
Example #3

kenkou ni yokunai towa shiri tsutsu, tabako ga yamerarenai.
Even while knowing tobacco is bad for one's health, they still cannot quit.
Example #4

daietto shiyou to omoi tsutsu, amai mono wo miru to tabete shimau.
Even though I'm thinking to go on a diet, every time I see something sweet I end up eating it..
Example #5

sensei to soudan shi tsutsu, shinro wo kimetai to omou.
While consulting with my teacher, I want to decide my future path.
Example #6

Ikenai to shiri tsutsu mo, gomi wo bunbetsu sezu ni sutete shimau.
Even though I know it is wrong, I throw away my garbage without separating it.
Example #7

Kyou koso ganbarou to omoi tsutsu, mata undou shinakatta.
Although I told myself from today I was gonna do my best, I ended up not exercising again..

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