JLPT N2 Grammar (sore nara)


if that’s the case; if so ~

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sore nara それなら jlpt n2 grammar meaning 文法 例文 japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: (sore nara). Meaning: if that’s the case; if so ~.

sore nara それなら jlpt n2 grammar meaning 文法 例文 learn japanese flashcards

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- Example Sentences

Each example sentence includes a Japanese hint, the romaji reading, and the English translation.

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Example #1

「asa kara、choushi ga warui desu.」
「sore nara、hayaku kaette byouin e itta hou ga ii desu yo.」
"I've not been feeling well since this morning."
"If that's the case, then you should head home early and go to the hospital."
Example #2

「michi ga sugoku juutai shite iru you da yo.」
「sore nara, densha de iki mashou.」
“There seems to be some bad traffic jams on the roads.”
“In that case then let’s go by train.”
Example #3

「nani ka amai mono o tabetai.」
「sore nara, reitouko ni aisu kuriimu ga aru kara taberu?」
"I want to eat something sweet."
"In that case, we have some ice cream in the freezer. Do you want some?"
Example #4

「doko ka ryokou ni ikou to omoun dakedo.」
「sore nara, kyouto ga ii yo.」
"I want to go travelling somewhere."
"In that case, I recommend Kyoto!"
Example #5

「atarashii sumaho ga hoshiin dakedo, katte kurenai?」
「sore nara, arubaito o shite jibun de kainasai.」
"I want a new smartphone, will you buy me one?"
"In that case, get a job and buy it yourself."
Example #6

「kono mama da to, kibou no daigaku ni goukaku dekinai to omou.」
「sore nara, geemu bakari sezu, motto benkyou shinasai.」
"At this rate, I won't be able to get into my target university."
"In that case, you should stop playing games all the time and study more."
Example #7

「saikin, futotte kita kara undou shiyou to omotte irun da.」
「sore nara, asoko no jimu ga ii rashii yo.」
"Lately, I've started gaining weight so I'm thinking of working out."
"In that case, I've heard this gym is good."

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