JLPT N1 Grammar (katawara)


while; at the same time; in addition

How to use

Noun + のかたわら ~[B]
Verb (dictionary)

Learn Japanese grammar: (katawara). Meaning: while; at the same time; in addition.

This grammar point is used to express that two things are being done at the same time, but NOT at the same instant.

For example, we CANNOT use (ダメ):

terebi wo miru katawara taberu

eat while watching TV

For simultaneous actions, use 見ながら (minagara) – while watching

The action introduced before かたわら is the more emphasized action. The action that follows afterwords is more of an “addition” (in addition).

Example A

shigoto wo suru katawara borantia mo yatteiru

they work a job, but also do volunteer work

JLPT grammar かたわら (katawara)  - Learn Japanese
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Example #1

haha wa nougyou no katawara, yoru wa baito wo yatteiru.
My mother works as a farmer while also working a part-time job at night.
Example #2

kono shousetsuka wa shippitsu no katawara, shumi de piano wo hiiteiru.
While writing professionally, this novelist also plays the piano as a hobby.
Example #3

kanojo wa kodomo wo sodateru katawara, ie de ryouri kyoushitsu mo hiraiteimasu.
She raises her children while also holding cooking classes at her home.
Example #4

kare wa haiyuu no shigoto wo suru katawara, tenisu no shiai ni mo deteimasu.
He works as a professional actor while also competing in tennis tournaments.

Vocabulary List

執筆しっぴつwriting (profession)
趣味でしゅみでas a hobby

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