JLPT N1 Grammar (katagata)


while; at the same time; incidentally; for the purpose of ~

How to use


Learn Japanese grammar: (katagata). Meaning: while; at the same time; incidentally; for the purpose of ~.

This is a very polite expression mainly used in work or with people of higher social status.


JLPT grammar かたがた (katagata)  - Learn Japanese
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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

honjitsu wa orei katagata o ukagaimashita.
I came today to show my gratitude.
Example #2

chikaku made kimashita node, go aisatsu katagata o ukagai shimashita.
I was nearby and so I came to visit.
Example #3

go aisatsu katagata, hitokoto orei o nobe sasete itadakimasu.
During this greeting I would like to say a few words of thanks.
Example #4

douryou ga kega de 2 shuukan yasumu sou na node, o mimai katagata ie o tazuneru koto ni shita.
My colleague seems to be taking a rest for two weeks due to an injury, so I decided to visit his house.
Example #5

oba ga taichou o kuzushita to kiita node, mimai katagata tetsudai ni itta.
I heard that her health was weak, so I visited her at the same time to help her.
Example #6

chikadika orei katagata o ukagai shitai to omoimasu ga, go tsugou wa ikaga deshou ka.
I'd like to go to thank you in the near future, but how is it convenient?
Example #7

kyou wa senjitsu go houkoku katagata, buka no shoukai ni mairimashita.
While going through the report from the other day, we also introduced my subordinate.

Vocabulary List

伺いうかがいvisit; inquiry
一言ひとことa few words
述べるのべるto state

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