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Get ready to rack your brains and study some Japanese grammar! Each lesson is ranked according to appropriate JLPT grammar level and includes meaning/translation notes, grammar structure, conjugations, example sentences, and interactive aids. Good luck on your journey to study Japanese!

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Japanese grammar list for all JLPT levels

# English Japanese Grammar Meaning Level Stars
1ato deafter; laterN41
2bakari kanot only, but also.N322
3beki dewa naishould not do; must not doN35
4beki; bekidashould do; must doN36
5da / desuto be (am, is, are, were, used to)N51
6dakeonly; just; as much asN50
7darouI think; it seems; probably; right?N52
8deshouI think; it seems; probably; right?N51
9furi o suruto pretend; to act as ifN34
10ga aruthere is; is (non-living things)N51
11ga iruthere is; is (living things)N50
12gachitend toN24
13garipersonality; tend to~; sensitivity towards~N43
14garu; gatteiruto show signs of; to appear; to feel, to thinkN44
15geseeming; giving the appearance ofN23
16gimi-like; -looking; -looked; tending toN23
17hazu dait must be; it should be (expectation)N45
18hazu ga naicannot be (impossible)N41
19hitsuyou ga aruneed to; it is necessary toN42
20hododegree; extent; bounds; upper limitN38
21hoshiiWanted; in need of; desired.N31
22janai / dewa naito not be (am not; is not; are not)N51
23karabecause; since; fromN50
24kawari niInstead of; in exchange for; in returnN32
25kiriOnly; justN34
26kke~?; recalling information; asking for confirmationN32
27koso arealthough; even thoughN12
28koso ga/keredobut; although (emphasis)N12
29koso surepart [B] of sentence is definitely not (strong emphasis)N11
30koto dashould; should notN36
31koto dakarabecause; sinceN20
32koto kaemphasis; a lotN34
33koto nashi niwithout doing; unlessN10
34koto ni naruIt has been decided that..; it turns out that..N30
35koto ni suruto decide onN30
36koto no nai you niso as not to; to notN10
37koto wa naiNo need to [X]N35
38kurai / guraiapproximately; about; around; to the extentN37
39kurai nararather than...N10
40kurai no mono daonlyN10
41kuse niAlthough; despite; even thoughN35
42madashimowould be better / acceptableN24
43mamaCurrent condition; stateN34
44monused when giving a reason.N38
45monobecause; explanation/justificationN21
46mono dadescribe feeling; express memories; state factN36
47monodakaraso; therefore (explaining something unavoidable)N22
48mononaraIf [x..] is possible, then [y..]N21
49mononobut; althoughN21
50mono to suruoften used in legal documents to express rules or conditionsN10
51mono toshiteto assume; to supposeN10
52moraitaito express desire/want for somethingN34
53naide kudasaiplease don't doN50
54nanka; nante; nadoExpresses an emphasis of an unexpected feeling or a negative feeling. Usually followed by more negative words.N34
56ndatteI hear that (using quote)N34
57ni iwaserebaif you ask...; if one may say...N11
58ni kawatteinstead of; replacing; on behalf ofN33
59ni totteto; for; concerning;N32
60nuki ni shite/nuki dewithout; leaving outN21
61okageExpresses a good result for the speaker, usually also expressing thanks or gratitude.N32
62ppanashiLeaving something in an improper state; leaving something on; leaving something still in use;N32
64rareruable to do something / passive voiceN40
65sai niAt the time of; in the case of.N24
66saichuu niIn the middle of, interrupting.N31
67saserareruto be made to do something (passive causative)N40
68saseruto make/let somebody do somethingN40
69sei; seide; seikaPlaces blame to something/someone else.N33
70shikanaiHave no choice but toN32
71sono kekkaAs a result ofN31
72sono tamehence; for that reasonN31
73ta koto ni shiteexpresses a decision or news that does not reflect the truthN10
74tabi niEach time; every time; whenever (something happens).N33
75tagaruwant to do~ (third person)N41
76taiwant to do somethingN50
77te aruis/has been done (resulting state)N50
78te hajimetenot until; only after [x] did IN30
79te iruongoing action or current stateN51
80te kosonot until, only afterN11
81te kudasaiplease doN50
82te shou ga nai/te shikata ga naican't help but~; very; extremelyN22
83te tamaranaican't help but do; dying to do; extremelyN20
84to iebaSpeaking ofN30
85to iuIt is said; called thusN33
86to iu koto daI heard; It means that; It seems thatN31
87to iutoSpeaking of; when you talk of; when you say..N30
88to mieteit seems thatN40
89to mirareruregarded as; appears/expected to..N10
90to miru toupon realizingN10
91to sareruis considered to..N10
92tokoro woalthough/despite a certain time/situationN10
93tooriAs described by (this), (B)N36
94totanjust as; in the act of; simultaneous actionN33
95tsuide niTaking the opportunity while doing something; incidentally.N33
96tsumariIn other words; in summary; in shortN32
97tsumoriplan to ~; intend to ~N50
98tsumori dattaWas planning toN32
99wa mochironnot to mention; not only; but alsoN34
100wa moto yorialso; let aloneN23
101wa tomokakuanyhow; in any case; whether or not; generally speakingN21
102wari niIn comparison. (expresses an unexpected feeling)N33
103you daappears / seems / looks as ifN40
104you ni/you nalike; as; similar toN41

104 JLPT Grammar Lessons and counting...

Please note that this is not a cumulative list of every grammar concept that appears on the JLPT, and I am working to add new content each day. If you see anything that you think should be added, please contact me or leave a comment down below.

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