JLPT N2 Vocabulary


closure (of a ceremony, event, meeting, etc.)

JLPT N2 vocabulary list

Learn Japanese vocabulary: 【へいかい】(heikai)

Meaning: closure (of a ceremony, event, meeting, etc.)

Type: Verb, Suru verb

Level: JLPT N2 Vocabulary

- Example Sentences

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Example #1

kaichou ga heikai wo senkoku shita.
The chairman declared the meeting closed.
Example #2

Kokkai wa raishuu no kinyoubi ni heikai ni naru.
Parliament will close next Friday.
Example #3

kore de nyuusha shiki wa heikai shimasu.
With this we will conclude the company entrance ceremony.
Example #4

Totemo goukade hanayakana heikai shiki deshita ne.
That was a very gorgeous and splendid closing ceremony,wasn't it?
Example #5

Saigo ni gichou no hanashi ga atte heikai to natta.
The meeting closed with a speech by the chairperson.