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yen; Japanese monetary unit; circle

JLPT N3 vocabulary list

Learn Japanese vocabulary: 【えん】(en)

Meaning: yen; Japanese monetary unit; circle.

Type: Noun

Level: JLPT N3 Vocabulary

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Example #1

hyaku en arimasu ka?
Do you have 100 yen?
Example #2

kono piza wa sanzen en deshita.
This pizza was 3,000 yen.
Example #3

Ima 500 en shika mottenai.
I only have 500 yen.
Example #4

Seikatsuhi wa 5 manen de tarimasu ka?
Is 50,000 yen enough money to cover your living costs?
Example #5

Moshi 1 okuen attara, iroiro na kuni wo ryokou shitai desu.
If I had 100 million yen (1 million usd), I would like to travel to various countries.
Example #6

Kore wa, 100 en nishite mo, takai to omou.
Even though this is only 100 yen, it's still too expensive I think.

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