JLPT N4 Grammar Lesson (hitsuyou ga aru)

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need to; it is necessary to

Level: JLPT N4

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Verb (dictionary form) 必要がある

Grammar Study Notes ()

Learn Japanese grammar: (hitsuyou ga aru) is used to say:

  1. that one needs to do something.
  2. that it is necessary to do something.

(hitsuyou) means necessary/necessity and means there is, so it literally translates to there is a necessity to…

jlpt sensei Tomoko teaching 必要がある grammar

Let’s look at some basic examples:

Example 1) need to (hitsuyou ga aru)

watashi wa motto benkyou suru hitsuyou ga aru.

I need to study more.

Example 2) do not need to (hitsuyou ga nai)

kyou wa jimusho ni iku hitsuyou ga nai.

There is no need to go into the office today.

Example 3) More polite

To be more polite, you can use (hitsuyou ga arimasu) and (hitsuyou ga arimasen) instead.

watashi wa daijoubu desu yo. anata ni wa nanimo suru hitsuyou ga arimasen.

I’m fine. There’s no need for you to do anything.

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Example Sentences ()

Example sentences are separated so you can focus on one at a time. Click the example number to change to a new example sentence. Each sentence includes a Japanese hint, romaji reading, and English translation.



ore ni wa mou hitsuyou ga nai.

I have no need for this anymore.



nande sonna koto o suru hitsuyou ga aru n desu ka?

Why is it necessary to do that?



isha wa kare ni tabako o yameru hitsuyou ga aru to itta.

The doctor told him that he needs to quit smoking.

Vocabulary List ()

Kanji 漢字Kana 仮名English 英語
必要 ひつよう necessary; necessity
勉強 べんきょう studies
事務所 じむしょ office
大丈夫 だいじょうぶ alright; OK
何も なにも nothing
おれ I; me
医者 いしゃ doctor
かれ he; him
タバコ たばこ smoking; cigarettes
やめる to quit
言う いう to say

Vocabulary items are displayed based on the order they appear in the grammar lesson.

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