JLPT N1 Grammar (you ka~mai ka)


whether or not; considering options

How to use

V(volational) +か + V(dict.) + まいか
Special Rules
(ru-V) Vるまい / Vますまい
(u-V) Vるまい
くる -> こまい / くるまい

Learn Japanese grammar: ようか~まいか (you ka~mai ka). Meaning: whether or not; considering options.

This grammar point is often used when trying to consider different options, or whether or not to do something.

Be wary of various acceptable conjugations, which are listed above.

ikou ka, iku mai ka

should I go or should I not go?

JLPT grammar ようか~まいか (you ka~mai ka)  - Learn Japanese
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Example #1

ame da. kaimono wo shi ni ikou ka, iku mai ka.
It's raining.. Should I go to buy groceries or not?
Example #2

kare to kekkon shiyou ka suru mai ka nayamu kurai nara, yameta hou ga ii to omou.
If you're not sure if you want to marry him or not, I think it's best you don't.
Example #3

sono shinbun kisha wa, kiji wo keisai shiyou ka su mai ka nayanda ageku, keisai wo yameta.
That newspaper reporter was deciding whether or not to to submit an article for publication, but ended up worrying too much and decided not to.
Example #4

ryuugaku shiyouka sumaika mayou koto jitai hatarakanakereba naranai mono kara mireba shiawasena koto da to omou.
I'm unsure if I should study abroad or not, but for people who are unable to go because of work, it is surely a wonderful dream experience.

Vocabulary List

悩むなやむto worry
掲載けいさいto publish
揚げ句あげくin the end
留学りゅうがくstudy abroad

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