JLPT N1 Grammar (mamire)


covered with; stained; smeared with

How to use


Learn Japanese grammar: (mamire). Meaning: covered with; stained; smeared with.​

This grammar point is similar to , that something is ‘covered with’, ‘smeared with’, etc..

There is a kanji option (塗れ), but it is mostly used with the hiragana version.

Example A)

doro mamire

covered in mud

JLPT grammar まみれ (mamire)  - Learn Japanese
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Example #1

biichi e itta toki, suna mamire ni natte asonda.
When I went to the beach, I got covered in sand while playing around.
Example #2

kanojo wa ase mamire ninatte, isshoukenmei bareebooru no renshuu wo shiteiru.
She's giving her all in volleyball practice and completely drenched in sweat.
Example #3

dareka kyuukyuusha wo yonde kudasai! kono hito ga chi mamire ni natte taoreteiru.
Somebody call and ambulance! This person is collapsed and covered in blood.
Example #4

kare wa shakkin mamire ni natta ageku hasan shite shimaimashita.
As a result of having serious debt, he ended up filing bankruptcy.

Vocabulary List

一生懸命いっしょうけんめいto do one's best in something

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