JLPT N1 Grammar (made mo nai)


it is not necessary to~

How to use

Verb (dictionary form)までもない

Learn Japanese grammar: (made mo nai). Meaning: it is not necessary to~.

This can be used with any verb to say that it is not necessary to do that action.

Basic example

iu made mo nai koto da.

There is no need to say / It goes without saying.

JLPT grammar までもない (made mo nai)  - Learn Japanese
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Example #1

sore wa mondai suru made mo nai koto da.
This is not even a problem worth mentioning.
Example #2

amerika ga hiroi to iu koto wa, iu made mo nai.
It goes without saying that America is a very large country.
Example #3

sono ken ni tsuite wa, buchou ni kyoka wo toru made mo nai.
Regarding this topic, there's no need to get approval from the department head.
Example #4

kore kurai no shuuri wo tanomu made mo nai. watashi ga naoshite ageru yo.
There's no need to ask for repairs on something like this. I'll fix it for you.

Vocabulary List

けんmatter; case
部長ぶちょうdepartment head; manager
頼むたのむto request
直すなおすto fix

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