JLPT N3 Grammar (bakari ka)


not only.. but also; as well as.

How to use

Verb (casual)ばかりか…(も)
いajective + い
なadjective + な

Learn Japanese grammar: (bakari ka / bakarika). Meaning: not only.. but also; as well as.

Grammar Notes

  • This grammar can be interchanged with
  • They have the same meanings, but  (bakari denaku) is slightly less strong.
  • This grammar point is often followed with a も and a second point. As in not only [A], but also [B].
  • Based off of the N3 Grammar lesson:

Example A

kono resutoran wa, aji ga warui bakari ka, tenin no taido mo warui.

Not only is this restaurant’s food bad, but the service is also horrible.

Let’s look at some more example sentences below!

JLPT grammar ばかりか (bakari ka)  - Learn Japanese
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- Example Sentences

Each example sentence includes a Japanese hint, the romaji reading, and the English translation.

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Example #1

kono manshon wa semai bakari ka, kurai desu.
This apartment is not only very small, it's also quite dark.
Example #2

watashi wa, kanji bakarika, hiragana mo katakana mo kakemasen.
Not only can I not write kanji, but I can't even write hiragana or katakana.
Example #3

uchi no ko wa 7 sai nano ni nihongo bakari ka eigo made shabereru yo!
Although our child is only 7, they can speak not only Japanese, but English as well.
Example #4

joou wa utsukushii bakari ka kokoro mo yasashikatta.
The Queen was not only beautiful, but she had a kind heart as well.
Example #5

Shitsugyou shiteiru watashi ni senpai ga seikatsuhi wo kashitekureta. Sore bakari ka, atarashii shigoto wo shoukai shitekureta.
Even though I lost my job, my old colleague helped lend me money for life expenses. Not only that, but he helped me find a new job.

Vocabulary List

悪いわるいbad; not good
うちのour (household, workplace, etc..)
喋れるしゃべれるto be able to speak
優しいやさひいkind; nice
先輩せんぱいupper classmate / colleague (older)
生活費せいかつひlife expenses
貸すかすto lend

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