JLPT N1 Grammar (no yara; mono yara; koto yara)

How to use

holding doubt
な-adjective + な
い-adjective + い

Learn Japanese grammar: (no yara; mono yara; koto yara). Meaning: I wonder..; unsure

When using the word やら, there is generally a sense of uncertainty, and this is no exception. All three of these versions are completely interchangeable and have the same meaning.

They can be used to express when you are not sure of something. It’s similar to thinking out loud about Ex) not sure what will happen; not sure what one should do, etc..

Keep in mind, that this grammar requires the use of some sort of question or doubt. Before looking at the example sentences, let’s look at some simple patterns which are easier to understand:

Example – I wonder what

nani wo shitara ii no yara

I wonder what should (I) do?

Example – I wonder when

itsu kaereru koto yara

I wonder when (they) will return home?

JLPT grammar のやら・ものやら・ことやら (no yara; mono yara; koto yara)  - Learn Japanese
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- Example Sentences

Each example sentence includes a Japanese hint, the romaji reading, and the English translation.

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Example #1

ima no fukeiki wa itsumade tudzuku no yara?
I wonder how long this current economic slump will continue.
Example #2

okusan wo gan de nakushita kare ni dou koe wo kaketara ii mono yara.
I'm not sure how I should approach him, as he recently lost his wife to cancer.
Example #3

manshon no chikaku no kouen de asobu kodomo no keo ga urusakute shikata ga nai ga, doko ni kujou wo itte ii mono yara wakaranai.
The kids at the park by my apartment are really loud. Although it can't be helped, is there no place for me to vent my frustration?
Example #4

kotoba mo hanasenai no ni, rainen hantoshi kan betonamu ni iku koto ni shita. dou naru koto yara.
I decided to go to Vietnam for half a year next year, but I don't speak the language and have no idea what to expect..

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不景気ふけいきbad economy

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