JLPT N1 Grammar (ni iwasereba)


if you ask...; if one may say...

How to use

Noun (person only)に言わせれば

Learn Japanese grammar: 【にいわせれば】 (ni iwasereba) Meaning: if you ask…; if one may say…

It’s also important to note that this grammar must follow a noun that is referring to some person or group that can have an opinion.

JLPT grammar に言わせれば (ni iwasereba)  - Learn Japanese
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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

wareware no sedai no ningen ni iwasereba, ano hito no koudou wa futsuu dewanai.
If you ask anyone from our generation, they'll agree that that person's actions are not normal.
Example #2

chichi wa tensai to iwareteiruga, watashi ni iwasereba, tannaru doryokuka da.
People often say my dad is a genius, but if you ask me, he's simply a hard worker.
Example #3

watashi ni iwasereba, nihon no ichiban oishii ryori wa yappari raamen da.
If you ask me, I would say that the best Japanese food is ramen.

Vocabulary List

我々の世代われわれのせだいour generation
人間にんげんhuman; person
行動こうどうaction; behavior
単なるたんなるsimple; merely
努力家どりょくかhard worker
料理りょうりfood; dish

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