Learn JLPT N1 Grammar (ni shite)


only; even; at (place, time); in (time span)

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Learn Japanese grammar: (ni shite). Meaning: only; even; at (place, time); in (time span).

Grammar Notes

This grammar strict in structure and how it is used, but it can have various meanings, including:

  • only
  • even
  • at (place or time)
  • in (time span)

Let’s look at some example sentences below!

JLPT grammar にして (ni shite)  - Learn Japanese

- Example Sentences

Each example sentence includes a Japanese hint, the romaji reading, and the English translation.

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Example #1

kanojo wa, isha ni shite, mangaka demo aru.
She is both a doctor and a manga artist.
Example #2

tatsumaki ga isshun ni shite tonari no ie wo fukitobashita.
A tornado blew away the house next door in an instant.
Example #3

tensai no kare ni shite machigaeru no dakara, dekinai no wa touzen de aru.
If that genius couldn't solve it then it's only natural that you couldn't either.

Vocabulary List

漫画家まんがかmanga artist
吹き飛ぶふきとぶto blow away

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