JLPT N1 Grammar (nari ni / nari no)


In one's own way/style

How to use

なりの + Noun

Learn Japanese grammar: (nari ni) / なりの (nari no). Meaning: in one’s own way / style.

This grammar point is used to express one’s way/style of doing something.

Common pattern

This grammar point is commonly used following なら (nara), to express an if [x], then [y] kind of pattern.

yaru nara yaru nari ni

If you’re going to do it, do it you way….

JLPT grammar なりに / なりの (nari ni / nari no)  - Learn Japanese
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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

yamada wa kare nari ni yoi yatsu da.
In his own way, Yamada is a pretty good guy.
Example #2

senpai ga kaisha wo yameta riyuu wa watashi narini rikai shiteimasu.
I think I understand why my senior quit his job.
Example #3

dekinai nara dekinai nari ni, muri wo shinaide sukoshi zutsu yarimashou.
If you can't do it well at this pace, then don't push yourself too hard and go at a slower pace.
Example #4

mazushii nara mazushii nari no seikatsu wo shinaito ikemasen.
If you are poor, then you must live within your means.
Example #5

kekkon shiki ni shusseki suru nara, sore nari no fukusou wo suru beki desu.
If you are going to attend the wedding, you should dress appropriately.

Vocabulary List

かれhe; him
会社を辞めるかいしゃをやめるto quit work
理解りかいto understand
少しずつづこしずつlittle by little
貧しいまずしいpoor; needy
結婚式けっこんしきwedding ceremony
服装ふくそうgarments; attire

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