JLPT N1 Grammar (nara dewa)


distinctive of~; special to~

How to use


Learn Japanese grammar: (nara dewa). Meaning: distinctive of~; special to~; uniquely applying to~​.​

Example A)

inaka nara dewa

like the countryside; distinctive of the countryside

Example B)

josei nara dewa

like a lady; distinctive of a lady

JLPT grammar ならでは (nara dewa)  - Learn Japanese
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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

sore wa anata nara dewa no hassou desu.
That is something only you would be able to think of.
Example #2

kare nara dewa totemo kono shigoto wa atsukaenai.
There is no one who I can entrust this job to other than you.
Example #3

sore wa touten nara dewa no tokubetsu kakaku desu.
This is a special price that is only offered in this store.
Example #4

kono youna shuukan ga aru no wa, kono chihou nara dewa desu.
This kind of custom is unique to this region.
Example #5

sakura no ki no shita de sake wo nonde uta wo utau. nihon nara dewa no ohanami no fuukei da.
Drinking alcohol under the cherry blossom trees. This "cherry blossom viewing" is unique to Japanese culture.

Vocabulary List

扱うあつかうto entrust

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