Learn JLPT N1 Grammar (nai made mo)


even if [A] is not done, then [B]

How to use

Verb (ない form)までも
Noun + でない

Learn Japanese grammar: (nai made mo). Meaning: even if [A] is not done, then [B] .

  • Used to say things like “even if [A] is not done, then [B].
  • Can be used with verbs in ない form, or nouns + でない.
JLPT grammar ないまでも (nai made mo)  - Learn Japanese

- Example Sentences

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Example #1

denwa wo shinai made mo messeeji gurai wo shite kudasai.
If you won't call, then at least send a message.
Example #2

puro ni nare nai made mo, saikuringu no reesu ni deru tsumori da.
Even though I cannot become a pro, I plan to enter more cycling races.
Example #3

mainichi wa shinai made mo, shuu ni ikkai kurai wa heya no souji wo shimashou.
I won't clean my room every day, but I'll try to do it at least once a week.
Example #4

ano hito to wa hanashi wa shinai made mo, aisatsu gurai wa shimasu yo.
I won't really talk to that person, but I will greet them whenever necessary.

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