JLPT N2 Grammar (douse)


anyway; anyhow; in any case; after all

How to use

どうせ + phrase

Learn Japanese grammar: (douse). Meaning: anyway; anyhow; in any case; after all.

JLPT grammar どうせ (douse)  - Learn Japanese
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Example #1

douse sanka shinai no nara, hayame ni tsutaeta houga ii.
If you're not going to participate after all, it's best to say so as quick as possible.
Example #2

douse, shiai no mae ni mada isshukan ga aru node motto renshuu shiyou.
Anyway, we still have a week to go before the game so let's practice some more.
Example #3

douse yogosu no dakara, kodomo ni kouka na fuku o kiseru wa hitsuyou nai darou.
They're just going to end up dirty anyway, so there's no need to have your kids wear expensive clothing.
Example #4

ima kara itte mo douse chikoku dakara, ikanai koto ni suru.
Even if I go now I will be late anyway, so I decided not to go.
Example #5

douse yuubinkyoku ni iku no nara, kitte wo katte kudasai masen ka?
If you're going to go to the post office anyway, could you please buy me some stamps?
Example #6

tenkin de hokkaidou ni iku koto ni natta. douse iku nara, hokkaidou no seikatsu o omoikiri tanoshinmou to omotta.
I've been transferred to Hokkaido for work. Anyhow, since I'll be going I want to experience life in Hokkaido to the fullest.

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