JLPT N1 Grammar (to miru ya)


at the sight of; upon seeing; after confirming ~

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Verb (casual)とみるや
to miru ya と見るや とみるや jlpt n1 grammar meaning 文法 例文 japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: 【とみるや】(to miru ya). Meaning: at the sight of; upon seeing; right after confirming ~.

to miru ya と見るや とみるや jlpt n1 grammar meaning 文法 例文 learn japanese flashcards

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- Example Sentences

Each example sentence includes a Japanese hint, the romaji reading, and the English translation.

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Example #1

hahaoya ga dekakeru to miru ya, geemu o hajimeta.
After confirming my mom went out, I started playing video games.
Example #2

ano dorobou wa, keisatsu ga kita to miru ya issei ni nigedashita.
The thief ran away as soon as the police came.
Example #3

kiki ga koshou o okoshita to miru ya sugu suitchi o shimeta.
As soon as I saw that the equipment had failed, I turned it off.
Example #4

ryoushin ga ie o deta to miru ya, kareshi to deeto shita.
Right after my parents left the house, I went on a date with my boyfriend.
Example #5

tsuma ga kaimono ni itta to miru ya, reizouko kara biiru o toridashita.
As soon as my wife went shopping, I took out the beer from the refrigerator.
Example #6

watashi ga kao o somukeru to miru ya, musume wa yasai o kuchi kara hakidashimashita.
As soon as I turned my face away, my daughter spat the vegetables out of her mouth.
Example #7

otto ga taiho sareru to miru ya, kanojo wa genba o tachisatta.
She fled the scene upon seeing her husband getting arrested.

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