JLPT N1 Grammar (tokoro wo)


although (it is a certain time/condition); even though normally

How to use

Verb (casual)ところを
Noun + の
な-adjective + な

Learn Japanese grammar: (tokoro o). Meaning: although (it is a certain time or something is in a certain condition); even though normally.

JLPT grammar ところを (tokoro wo)  - Learn Japanese
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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

oisogashii tokoro o o atsumari itadaki, arigatou gozaimasu.
Thank for for gathering despite this busy time.
Example #2

sensei, o isogashii tokoro o sumimasen. chotto kore o oshiete itadakemasen ka.
Teacher, I'm sorry to disturb you when you are busy, but could you please teach me about this?
Example #3

itsumo wa densha de kaisha ni iku tokoro o, kyou wa kuruma de itta.
Although I normally go to work by train, today I went by car.
Example #4

koutsuu jiko de inochi ga abunai tokoro o, sono isha ni tasukete moraimashita.
I was saved by a doctor when I was in a life threatening traffic accident.
Example #5

sugu ni go houkoku shinakereba naranai tokoro o osoku natte shimatte moushiwake arimasen.
I am very sorry for the delay in time to report this when it should have been reported immediately.
Example #6

tadaima, taisetsu no eikyou de densha ga okurete orimasu. o isogi no tokoro o mou shiwake gozaimasen.
Right now, the train is delayed due to heavy snow. I'm truly sorry for the disturbance (although you must be busy / in a hurry).
Example #7

kare wa shikenchuu ni tonari no hito no kotae o mite iru tokoro o sensei ni chuui sareta.
He was warned by the teacher while he was looking at the next person's answer during the test.

Vocabulary List

集まるあつまるto gather
交通事故こうつうじこtraffic accident
命が危ないいのちがあぶないlife threatening

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