JLPT N1 Grammar (to areba)


if; if it is the case that

How to use

Verb (casual)とあれば

Learn Japanese grammar: (to areba). Meaning: if; if it is the case that.​ This grammar point also places some emphasis on the item of “if”.

Example A)

yasuku kaeru to areba

if I am able to buy it cheaply, then..

JLPT grammar とあれば (to areba)  - Learn Japanese
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Example #1

chichi wa, tatoe nichiyou de attemo, shigoto to areba doko e demo ikimasu.
If my father has work, he'll go anywhere, even on Sundays.
Example #2

musume no tame to areba, donna koto demo suru yo.
I'd do anything for my daughter.
Example #3

musuko no tame to areba donna kurou mo gaman dekiru mono da.
For my son, I'll endure any hardships that come around.
Example #4

ii mono wo yasuku kaeru to areba, tooku no mise demo yorokonde iku.
I will gladly go to a shop that's far away if I can buy things more cheaply there.

Vocabulary List

苦労くろうwork hard; suffer
我慢がまんpatience; endure
遠いとおいfar away
喜ぶよろこぶto be glad

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