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in; at; on; by; with; via ~

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de で jlpt n5 grammar meaning 文法例文 japanese flashcards

Learn Japanese grammar: (de) has various meanings, including in; at; on; by; with; via; and even because.

The meaning changes based on the context of the sentence. Let’s look at some basic examples.

Meaning 1) で – place of action

Indicates the place where an action occurs. In this pattern, the preceding noun must be a location.

  • 学校日本語を勉強する。
  • がっこうにほんごをべんきょうする。
  • gakkou nihongo wo benkyou suru.
  • I study Japanese school.

Meaning 2) で – a means or method

Indicates a means or method. Similar to “by”, “with”, or “via”

  • 行く。
  • くるまいく。
  • kuruma iku.
  • I will go car.

Meaning 3) で – a total amount

Indicates a total amount of something (time, money, etc).

  • 1時間終わります。
  • いちじかんおわります。
  • ichijikan owarimasu.
  • I’ll finish one hour.

Meaning 4) で – reason for action

  • 病気今日休みます。
  • びょうききょうやすみます。
  • byouki kyou yasumimasu.
  • I’m sick, I’m taking today off..

This meaning is very similar to the grammar

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- Example Sentences

Each example sentence includes a Japanese hint, the romaji reading, and the English translation.

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Example #1

jitensha de ikimasu.
I will go by bicycle.
Example #2

minna de ikou!
Let's go together with everyone!
Example #3

tamani hitori de karaoke ni ikimasu.
I sometimes go to sing karaoke by myself.
Example #4

nanika no riyuu de kare wa mushi ga kowai n da.
For some reason, he is scared of bugs.
Example #5

sono shatsu doko de kaimashita?
Where did you buy that shirt?
Example #6

eki de aimashou ne.
Let's meet at the station.
Example #7

koko de denwa shinai de kudasai.
Please don't use your phone here.
Example #8

doko de nihongo wo manabimashita ka?
Where did you learn Japanese?
Example #9

youtube de nihongo wo benkyou shimasu.
I study Japanese by watching YouTube.

Vocabulary List

行くいくto go
たまにsometimes; occasionally
なにかsomething; for some reason
買うかうto buy
会うあうto meet
電話でんわphone; phone call
学ぶまなぶto learn

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