JLPT N5 Grammar Lesson (dake)

Meaning ()

only; just; as much as

Level: JLPT N5

Category: Japanese Grammar Lessons

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How to use ()

Verb (dictionary form) だけ
なadjective + な

Grammar Study Notes ()

(dake) – only; just; as much as

jlpt sensei Tomoko teaching whiteboard

This grammar point is split into two main meanings. Meaning 1) only; just and meaning 2) as much as.

Meaning 1 examples) only; just; alone

Example 1.1)

hitori dake.

only one person.

Example 1.2)

tada hitotsu dake aru.

There is only one.

Example 1.3)

hoshii mono wa kore dake.

This is the only thing I want.

Meaning 2 examples) as much as; at least

Example 2.1)

watashi wa dekiru dake kane o karinai youni shiteiru.

I try to borrow as little money as I possibly can.

Example 2.2)

ikura nandemo juugo nin dake wa kuru darou.

Surely 15 people will come at least.

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Example Sentences ()

Example sentences are separated so you can focus on one at a time. Click the example number to change to a new example sentence. Each sentence includes a Japanese hint, romaji reading, and English translation.



watashi wa hitori dake de dekimasu.

I can do it by myself.



suki janai tabemono wa tomato dake da.

The only food I dislike are tomatoes.



dekiru dake atarashii JLPT sensei no ressun wo tsukuritai.

I want to make as many new JLPT Sensei lesson's as I possibly can.

Vocabulary List ()

Kanji 漢字Kana 仮名English 英語
一人 ひとり one person
一つ ひとつ one thing
ある there is (non-living)
欲しい ほしい want
わたし I; me
かね money
借りる かりる to borrow
来る くる to come
好きじゃない すきじゃない dislike
食べ物 たべもの food
新しい あたらしい new
レッスン れっすん lesson(s)
作りたい つくりたい want to make

Vocabulary items are displayed based on the order they appear in the grammar lesson.

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Hamza El Mjaiche
Hamza El Mjaiche

the 3rd exemple is wrong …. when using the “tai” form of the verb to say “want to do …” the verb then turns to be an adjective … therefore the particle before it must be ” ga ” and no longer “wo” … ( ….. ressun ga tsukuritai desu “