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Verb (casual)だけで

Learn Japanese grammar: (dake de). Meaning: just by; just by doing; with only.

  • (dake de) is a combination of and で (de).
  • It literally means “only by”, or “just by”.
  • Be sure to check out the many other formations of this grammar in our related grammar section.

Let’s look at some example sentences!

JLPT grammar だけで (dake de)  - Learn Japanese

- Example Sentences

Each example sentence includes a Japanese hint, the romaji reading, and the English translation.

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Example #1

futari dake de sukoshi hanashi ga shitai.
I want to talk together just the two of us.
Example #2

shukudai no koto wo kangaeru dake de yaruki ga naku narimasu.
Just by thinking of my homework I start to lose motivation.
Example #3

kanojo no koto wo omou dake de doki doki suru.
I get worked up just thinking about her.
Example #4

kare wa kata ashi dake de jitensha wo hashitteiru.
He's riding a bicycle with only one leg.
Example #5

antei shita shunyuu wo eru dake de wa manzoku dekinakatta.
I wasn't satisfied just by a stable job and income.

Vocabulary List

二人ふたりtogether; the two of us
少しすこしa little
話がしたいはなしがしたいwant to talk
考えるかんがえるto think about
やる気やるきmotivation; energy
彼女かのじょher; she; girlfriend
思うおもうto think about
ドキドキどきどきget excited (heart beating sound)
片足かたあしone leg
走るはしるto run; to ride
安定あんていsafe; secure
得るえるto gain
満足まんぞくto be satisfied

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