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seeming; giving the appearance of

How to use

い-adjective + (い)げに

Learn Japanese grammar: (ge). Meaning: seeming; giving the appearance of.

JLPT grammar げ (ge)  - Learn Japanese

- Example Sentences

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Example #1

ano hito wa sabishige na me o shiteiru.
That person has a lonely look in their eyes
Example #2

hitori gurashi no tame ni ie wo deru hi, haha wa sukoshi sabishi ge datta.
My mother looked a little sad on the day I moved out to live by myself.
Example #3

nyuugaku shiki no asa, musuko wa totemo fuan ge datta ga, gakkou kara kaete kuru to, akarui hyoujou datta.
My son looked nervous on the morning of his new school entrance ceremony, but when he returned home he looked very happy.
Example #4

kurasumeeto ni tesuto no kekka o kiku to, ureshi ge na kao de 100 ten datta to kotaete kureta.
When I asked my classmate how they did on the test, they answered with a smug face that they got a perfect score.
Example #5

soryaa chotto ayashi geni miemasu kara ne, sou omoimasen ka?
It looks a little suspicious, don’t you think?

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