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Learn Japanese grammar: (gurumi). Meaning: together (with); -wide.​

Example A)

kazoku gurumi

together with family / family-wide

Exception – Unlike the normal usage of this grammar, the following example has a slightly different meaning.

mi gurumi

*all one has; all one’s possessions​

JLPT grammar ぐるみ (gurumi)  - Learn Japanese

- Example Sentences

Each example sentence includes a Japanese hint, the romaji reading, and the English translation.

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Example #1

watashi tachi wa kazoku gurumi de nakayoku shiteiru.
We are close with everyone in our family.
Example #2

machi gurumi de shizen kankyou no hozen ni tsutometeiru
The entire town is striving together to protect its natural environment.
Example #3

sono kigyou ga kaisha gurumi de datsuzei wo shiteita no ga hakkaku shita.
That company was caught for doing company-wide tax evasion.

Vocabulary List

仲良くするなかよくするto get along
自然環境しぜんかんきょうnatural environment
保全ほぜんto preserve
務めるつとめるto endeavor; to try; to strive
脱税だつぜいtax evasion
発覚はっかくdetection of plot/fraud; being uncovered

Vocabulary items are displayed based on the order they appear in the grammar lesson.

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