Learn JLPT N3 Grammar (gatai)


very difficult to; impossible to

How to use

Verb (stem form) ます + がたい

Learn Japanese grammar: (gatai). Meaning: very difficult to ~. Almost to the point of impossible.

  • This grammar is used to imply that something is so difficult that it is not possible / it cannot be done.
  • Therefore, it can only be used in appropriate situations.
    • 受け入れ = (ukeire gatai) = I cannot accept this..
  • To simply say something is difficult to do, use this instead:
  • Be sure to check out other similar grammar in our related grammar section.

Let’s look at some example sentences!

JLPT grammar がたい (gatai)  - Learn Japanese

- Example Sentences

Each example sentence includes a Japanese hint, the romaji reading, and the English translation.

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Example #1

yurushi gatai koto desu.
This is an unforgivable act.
Example #2

kare no hanashi wa shinji gatai naiyou deshita.
His story's contents were impossible to believe.
Example #3

kanojo wa bijin dakara chikayori gatai.
She's so beautiful, It's impossible for me to approach her.
Example #4

kodomo ni tai suru hanzai wa yurushi gatai.
Crimes against children are unforgivable.
Example #5

kore wa sekai de wa nai ga, machigatteiru tomo ii gatai.
This isn't the correct answer, but I can't say it's a mistake either.
Example #6

shinji gatai koto kamo shiremasen ga, kanojo dekimashita.
This may be hard to believe, but I got a girlfriend!

Vocabulary List

許すゆるすto forgive
信じがたいしんじがたいdifficult to believe; impossible to believe
彼女かのじょshe (can also mean girlfriend)
美人びじんbeautiful person
近寄るちかよるto approach
正解せいかいcorrect answer
言いがたいいいがたいcannot say; not able to say

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