JLPT N1 Grammar (kara aru / kara suru / kara no)


at least; approximately X or more

How to use


Learn Japanese grammar: (kara aru) / (kara suru) / (kara no). Meaning: at least; approximately X or more​.​

This grammar point expresses a large quantity/value/amount of something.

There are slight variations depending on what is being measured:

Usage 1:

kara aru

weight, measurement, size, number

Usage 2:

kara suru

price, cost

Usage 3:

kara no

cost, expense, number

JLPT grammar からある/からする/からの (kara aru / kara suru / kara no)  - Learn Japanese
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- Example Sentences

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Example #1

yamada nante iu namae, kono machi ni sen kara arundayo. douyatte kare wo sagasundayo.
There are at least a thousand different Yamada's in this town. How do you plan to find him?
Example #2

juu kiro kara aru michi wo aruite kaetta.
I walked at least 10 km to get home.
Example #3

danna san wa, sanjuu man kara suru jitensha ow ikutsu mo motteiru.
My husband has numerous bikes that cost about 300,000 yen (or more).
Example #4

kono heya wo kaisou suru ni wa ni hyaku manen kara no shikin ga hitsuyou de aru.
You will need 2 million yen (or more) of capital to remodel this room.

Vocabulary List

改装かいそうremodel; renovate
資金しきんcapital; funds

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