JLPT N3 Vocabulary List

complete JLPT N3 vocabulary List

This is a list of the vocabulary that you need to know in order to pass the JLPT N3. In total, you will need to have a vocabulary of about 3,750 words.

This list includes lessons for the most common and important words for you to know, all listed in alphabetical order.

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401 tetsuya


Noun, Verb, Suru verbstaying up all night
402 tochi


Nounplot of land; lot; soil
403 tokai


Noun(big) city
404 toreru


Verb, Ichidan verb, Intransitive verb, Transitive verbto come off; to be removed; to be obtainable
405 toriageru


Verb, Ichidan verb, Transitive verbto pick up
406 tosho


407 tsuugaku


Noun, Verb, Suru verbcommuting to school; school commute
408 uketoru


Verb, Godan verb, Transitive verbto receive; to understand
409 unten


Noun, Verb, Suru verboperation; driving
410 ureru


Verb, Ichidan verb, Intransitive verbto sell (well)
411 wakeru


Verb, Ichidan verb, Transitive verbto divide; to split; to part; to separate
412 waruguchi


Noun, Verb, Suru verbslander; bad-mouthing; abuse; insult; speaking ill (of)
413 yoake


Noundawn; daybreak
414 yobun


Nounextra; excess; surplus
415 yomi


Nounreading (of a kanji, situation, etc)
416 yonaka


Noun, Adverb, Adverbial noun, Temporal nounmiddle of the night; dead of night
417 yunyuu


Noun, Verb, Suru verbimport; importation; introduction
418 yushutsu


Noun, Verb, Suru verbexport; exportation​
419 yuube


Noun, Adverb, Adverbial noun, Temporal nounevening / last night; yesterday evening
420 yuuri


Noun, な-adjectiveadvantageous; favorable; profitable
421 zenkoku


Nounthe whole country
422 zuibun


Adjective, な-adjective, Adverbvery; extremely; surprisingly; considerably; awfully

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*NOTE* This is not a complete list of every JLPT vocab yet.

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