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JLPT N3 Grammar List

study with JLPT N3 grammar list

Here is a list of all of the current grammar lessons specific to the JLPT N3 level.

Each grammar lesson is arranged in English romaji alphabetical order. Click on the lesson link for detailed notes about grammar structure, how-to-use, conjugations, example sentences, interactive aids, and more.

*NOTE* This is not yet a complete list of every grammar concept that appears on the JLPT. New lessons are being added every week, but you can contact me or leave a comment below for lesson requests.

Grammar Lesson Grammar Meaning
bakari kanot only, but also.
beki dewa naishould not do; must not do
beki; bekidashould do; must do
furi o suruto pretend; to act as if
hododegree; extent; bounds; upper limit
hoshiiWanted; in need of; desired.
kawari niInstead of; in exchange for; in return
kiriOnly; just
kke~?; recalling information; asking for confirmation
koto dashould; should not
koto kaemphasis; a lot
koto ni naruIt has been decided that..; it turns out that..
koto ni suruto decide on
koto wa naiNo need to [X]
kurai / guraiapproximately; about; around; to the extent

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