JLPT N3 Particles List (Intermediate Japanese)

JLPT N3 Particles List (Intermediate Japanese)

This is a complete JLPT N3 particle list of every intermediate Japanese particle you must know.

Japanese particles, 助詞 (joshi), are suffixes or short words in Japanese grammar that immediately follow the modified noun, verb, adjective, or sentence.

Some are are similar to prepositions in English, though there is a wide variety of different uses and meanings.

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JLPT N3 Particles Complete Study Guide

#RomajiJapaneseGrammar MeaningLevel
1 ba ii should; can; it’d be good if ~ N3
2 ba~hodo the more… the more ~ N3
3 ba~noni would have; should have; if only ~ N3
4 hodo degree; extent; bounds; upper limit N3
5 hodo~nai is not as… as ~ N3
6 ikura~temo no matter how ~ N3
7 kara~ni kakete through; from [A] to [B] N3
8 kiri only; just; since; after ~ N3
9 kke a casual suffix to confirm something you are trying to remember N3
10 koso for sure (emphasize preceding word); precisely; definitely ~ N3
11 koto (must) do N3
12 kurai / gurai approximately; about; around; to the extent ~ N3
13 kuse ni and yet; though; in spite of; despite ~ N3
14 mo~ba~mo and; also; as well; either/or; neither/nor N3
15 moshimo~tara if; in the case; supposing ~ N3
16 nagara mo but; although; despite ~ N3
17 nanka / nante / nado give examples; show modesty; make light of ~ N3
18 ni shite mo even if; even though; regardless of ~ N3
19 ni shite wa for; considering it’s (something or someone) N3
20 ni totte to; for; concerning; as far as ... is concerned; regarding ~ N3
21 ni tsuite concerning; regarding; about; on ~ N3
22 ni wa for the purpose of; in order to ~ N3
23 sae even; so much as; not even N3
24 sae~ba if only; as long as ~ N3
25 shikanai have no choice but ~ N3
26 suuryou + wa at least ~ N3
27 ta mono da used to do; would often do N3
28 tatte even if; even though; no matter how ~ N3
29 to ii / tara ii it would be nice if; should; I hope ~ N3
30 toshite as; in the role of ~ N3
31 towa kagiranai not necessarily so; is not always true N3
32 wa betsu toshite aside from; apart from; except for; whether or not ~ N3
33 yorimo in comparison to; rather than; more than ~ N3

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