Final Preparations For Winter JLPT Test 2019!

Final Preparations For Winter JLPT Test 2019!

The JLPT Winter 2019 test is exactly one month away! How are your preparations going?

To ensure you are best prepared to pass the test, it is extremely important to make a game plan for the last 4 weeks leading up to the test!

You definitely will want to take at least one practice test and double check your knowledge of required grammar, kanji, vocabulary,etc. I’ve compiled a list of everything here in this blog post so let’s get started!

jlpt sensei JLPT study one month

Review the JLPT practice tests

Now is a perfect time to review the practice tests for your JLPT level. We have free copies of the test available here on JLPT Sensei here. Check the links below for your level.

You know what they say, practice makes perfect and taking a practice test at least once before the actual exam will significantly increase your chances of passing!

JLPT-N1-practice-test-日本語能力試験-free-download JLPT-N2-practice-test-日本語能力試験-free-download JLPT-N3-practice-test-日本語能力試験-free-download JLPT-N4-practice-test-日本語能力試験-free-download JLPT-N5-practice-test-日本語能力試験-free-download

Use the actual practice test book

It is probably best that you practice the test with paper and not from a computer to replicate the exam conditions.

If you are not able to print all of the papers from the download, consider purchasing the practice test workbook. It is less than $10 (1,000 yen) on Amazon. (images link to amazon)

JLPT-N1-practice-test-日本語能力試験-公式問題集-cover JLPT-N2-practice-test-日本語能力試験-公式問題集-cover JLPT-N3-practice-test-日本語能力試験-公式問題集-cover JLPT-N4-practice-test-日本語能力試験-公式問題集-cover JLPT-N5-practice-test-日本語能力試験-公式問題集-cover

Review JLPT Grammar

Have you memorized all of the grammar you need to know in order to pass your JLPT level? Check out our detailed JLPT grammar lists with individual lessons and numerous examples.

jlpt grammar list all levels n1 n2 n3 n4 n5

Review JLPT Kanji

Have you memorized all of the kanji you need to know in order to pass your JLPT level? Double check your knowledge on our kanji list lessons.

Review JLPT Vocabulary

Have you memorized all of the vocabulary you need to know in order to pass your JLPT level? Double check your knowledge on our vocabulary list lessons (not 100% completed yet, but new lessons are added daily).

Make This Last Month Count

Write down a schedule for the next 4 weeks with your studying plans and goals for before taking the official test on December 1st.

Try to stick to the schedule as best you can, and make sure to do at least one practice test in similar conditions to the real test. That means no cell phone, no breaks, no distractions, etc.

Good luck! がんばって!

jlpt sensei studying for JLPT N5 practice test

Cruise works full time at a Japanese company in Nagoya, Japan. He worked for 4 years as a University lecturer teaching English before making the move to a 100% Japanese speaking environment to continue improving his Japanese. In his free time, he is either cycling around Japan making YouTube videos or adding new Japanese lessons to this blog.