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What JLPT Sensei Is

This website is intended to be an easy to use resource full of useful information and lessons related towards preparing for the JLPT.

What JLPT Sensei Is Not

This website is not intended to teach other aspects of Japanese, such as slangs, that will not be useful towards the JLPT.

Since these lessons are intended for people attempting to take the JLPT, all of the lessons in this website assume you have a working knowledge of at least hiragana and katakana.

Lessons are also formatted differently based on ability level. As an example, N5 lessons will mostly use English in the descriptions. N3 will use hiragana and some Kanji. N1 will be mostly in pure Japanese.

  • Clearly defined goals
  • Structured studying schedule
  • Dedication & hard work
  • Patience

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