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This is our complete JLPT grammar list for all of our Japanese grammar lessons from N5 to N1.

Each lesson is ranked according to appropriate JLPT grammar level and includes the meaning, translation notes, grammar structure, conjugations, example sentences, interactive aids and more.

You can also click on the level to see a list of grammar lessons for that level only.

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Japanese grammar list for all JLPT levels

#EnglishJapaneseGrammar MeaningLevel
1501 tochuu de / tochuu ni on the way; in the middle of~ N3
1502 toka (de) I heard that~ N2
1503 toka~toka among other things; such as; like~ N4
1504 toki when; at this time N5
1505 tokku ni long ago; already; a long time ago N2
1506 tokoro just about to; on the verge of doing something N4
1507 tokoro datta was just about to do something; something almost happened N2
1508 tokoro de by the way~ N3
1509 tokoro ga even so; however; even though~ N3
1510 tokoro ni at the time; just as I was~ N2
1511 tokoro o miru to judging from; seeing that~ N2
1512 tokoro wo although/despite a certain time/situation N1
1513 tomo even if; no matter (who, what, when, where, why, how); though~ N2
1514 tomo arou of all people (expression showing surprise at a high standing person's misbehavior) N1
1515 tomo~tomo unable to draw a conclusion; unable to judge N1
1516 tomonaku uncertainty; lack of intent N1
1517 toori ni in the same way as; in the way; as~ N3
1518 toosu to do until the end; to continually do; through~ N3
1519 toshite as~; in the role of~ N3
1520 toshitemo assuming; even if~ N2
1521 totemo very; awfully; exceedingly​ N5
1522 totemo~nai cannot possibly be; hardly~ N3
1523 towa indicates word or phrase being defined​ with emphasis/surprise N1
1524 towa kagiranai not necessarily so; is not always true N3
1525 towaie although; nonetheless; be that as it may N1
1526 tsu~tsu two contrasting actions N1
1527 tsui accidentally; unintentionally; by mistake N3
1528 tsui ni finally ~; at last ~; in the end N3
1529 tsuide ni while, incidentally, at the same time, on the way~ N3
1530 tsumari in other words; in summary; in short~ N3
1531 tsumori plan to ~; intend to ~ N5
1532 tsumori datta I thought I~; I believe I~; was planning to~; was intending to~ N3
1533 tsumori de with the intention of doing~ N3
1534 tsutsu while; even though; despite~ N2
1535 tsutsu aru to be doing; to be in the process of doing~ N2
1536 tsuzukeru continue to; keen on~ N4
1537 tte named; called~ N4
1538 uchi ni while; before~ N3
1539 ue de upon; after; when; for; in order to N3
1540 ue ni as well; besides; in addition to; not only… but also~ N3
1541 ue wa now that; since; as long as~ N2
1542 ukemi kei passive form; passive voice N4

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